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I'm forwarding this message regarding a newsletter on "investment
opportunities" in Mexico.

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	The Mexican Commentary is an investment newsletter focused

on the Mexican economy.  From time to time it gets posted to

listservers and you may have read it  but to get the news in a more

timely fashion its best to get a copy by direct E-mail.

	If you own Mexican ADRs or mutual funds - the Mexican

commentary is one newsletter that you need to improve your

investment performance.  If you do not have any Mexican positions -

you may want to consider the current opportunities available to invest

in Mexico.  Since early June, the Commentary has given 20 specific

buy and sell posturing indications that have produced an annual gain of

over 100%.  Since March of this year, the Mexican market has been

the best performing market in the world.  The performance of the

Mexican Commentary has been better than the general market as

measured by the Bolsa Index.

	Better, more accurate and more timely information is available

from the Mexican Commentary that any other source.  Getting better

information to investors will have the effect of having more -

better informed investors making commitments to the Mexican market.

With more confident and better informed investment decisions being made,

the market will be more stable and this will greatly assist a more

confident flow of investment back into Mexico.  This will greatly assist

the economic recovery.

	If you would like to receive via E-mail your copy of the

 Mexican Commentary, weekly, send the follow message:  PLEASE

 SUBSCRIBE to: Agoozner at

Currently, there is no fee or charge for this information service.

Any and all interested investors are welcome to subscribe.

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