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Jamal Hannah jamal at bronze.lcs.mit.edu
Thu Sep 14 07:50:03 MDT 1995

Jim Jaszewski said:
> Maybe some of you are tired of `Third World' Issues, but others
> might want to mark it on their calendars...

Why should we be "tired" of 3rd world issues?  I just joined this list,
and I assume that since people are arguing with MIM, some are expressing
their disagreement by going overboard and "throwing out the baby with
the bathwater" (unless they feel this way to begin with..)

I think that it's worth it to hear what people have to say and then state
what you disagree with, and why.   I personaly dont care for the PCP,
but the point that the peruvian people have been pushed to using
violence to achieve freedom is a valid one.  It is unfortunate
that the solution which was offered to the people "the most coherently" (?)
was one of the nature which the PCP follows.  But there are other leftist
groups in Peru and one is free to observe what they have done. (and help them)
Guzman was an oppertunist and he chose the most violent and
 undemocratic road to "revolution".  What will lead to a more democratic
and libertarian (anarchistic) solution in Peru is NOT the denouncement
of the centralized party, but rather the building of a more effective
solution which is not so rife with the contradictions of the PCP,
but offers the people of Peru the freedom and equality that the PCP
claims to ultimatly offer.  When people are desperate, they will
look to whatever social stuctures exist that they feel might help
them.. no matter what the name. (it's hard to imagine this unless you
too are desperate.)

I think that "going to peru to live as a peruvian" would be a very educational
and self-transformative thing to do.  My reccomendation for a political
solution would be more along the lines of that of the EZLN, if not
something like the FSLN (being forced to accept
capitalism have since discredited this movement.. see
http://www.pitt.edu:81/~apwst5/nica.html )

Someone else said that the "revolutionary", "socialist" and "marxist"
rhetoric of this list was the worst, and was not welcome here.  I
suggest one remember dialectics and listen to what a person has
to say and examine it, and _then_ determine if their specific
take on marxim is in fact valid & useful or not... it's true
that some people who bathe themselves in these terms are liars
and just out to grab attention.. but one doesnt know unless they hear
what they have to say.

It is unfortunate that MIM supports the Peruvian PCP, the (noble yet
failed) Cultural Revolution, the occupation of Tibet, and Stalin's
policies..  but the points they make about the importance of organization
and staying realisticly focussed on real-world goals are valid ones,
(as opposed to just wishing and hoping things will go one way or the other)
as are the points about how our better-off lifestyle is dependant
on the suffering of those in the 3rd world (abroad and right here
within the USA)... of course if MIM says something like "The black
panthers were Maoists" (because they aggreed with some of what Mao said),
this does not neccesarily make the Black Panthers Maoists, or, for that
matter, totaly wrong/bad/etc.  Do people hate Marx because the
Maoists like Marx?  That would be foolish.

My point is that it's wrong to reject subjects such as the 3rd world,
radical democracy (where the poorest people have political power),
revolution, etc. simply because MIM likes these things, and other
stuff is thrown in which we disagree with.

 - JH

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