News from former Yugoslavia and USSR

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Thu Sep 14 06:24:42 MDT 1995


1. "NATO commanders say that they are rapidly running out of military
targets in southeastern Bosnia, and that political constraints are
barring broad attacks on ground troops and strategic sites like civilian
factories and power plants. The alliance's two-week bombing campaign has
so far failed to force the Bosnian Serbs to withdraw their artillery
around Sarajevo--a main condition to end the attacks--but Western
officials are expressing doubts about how far to push the air strikes to
meet that goal."

2. "In an incident recalling the most violent excesses of the cold war,
Belarussian combat aircraft have shot down a sport balloon that flew over
the border from Poland while competing in a race. The two American
crewmen were killed when Belarussian fire ignited their hydrogen-filled
balloon, which blew up."

3. "A rocket-propelled grenade fired from a busy Moscow street blasted
through a wall into the United States Embassy here today, destroying a
copying machine in an office but causing no injuries. There were no
arrests or immediate claims of responsibility for the attack, which took
place at 4:25 PM local time. But the question on the minds of American
and Russian officials was whether it was a violent manifestation of the
increasing tension between the United States and Russia over NATO's
bombing campaign against the Serbs."

(8/14/95 NY Times)

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