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Thu Sep 14 14:16:42 MDT 1995

>    to show the country an
>   army of black men who are smart, disciplined and sober.

This is the purpose of the march?! Must make people nostalgiac for such
Cold War propaganda events such as the March on Washington.  Who is going
to prove to America that there are indeed one million white men who are
smart, disciplined and sober?

>   allow its men to publicly declare their commitment to responsibility to
>   their families and communities.

Will there also be a mass wedding  led by the Reverand Moon?

>   Cigarettes and plastic lighters were taken and thrown on the floor in a

I suppose they weren't selling BLT's either.

>   Farrakhan's followers often note that his life is at risk.

Malcolm's daughter seems to be under control.

>   In his speech, Farrakhan excoriated the country. ``America is dying
>   from an internal rot,'' he told the audience, ``and that rot and that
>   corruption and that crud is sinking this nation as surely as the
>   wickedness of the people sank the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.''

So it's not just the white devil, it's the white devil ho-mo sexuals.

>   Farrakhan blasted people such as former Los Angeles police detective
>   Mark Fuhrman, who is on controversial tapes of interviews with a
>   screenwriter that are peppered with racism and violence, but he also
>   told black America it needs to examine itself.

Do Muslims believe in original sin?  It seems like the good old nursery
tale which Marx excoriated in the eighth part of vol I of Capital.

>  Our savage behavior and the fatricidal conflicts that are
>   sending young black men to early graves throughout America . . . have
>   caused us to wonder where the enemy is.''

Isn't this language of the most violent white supremacists in South Africa?
Doesn't seem to be much of a program for such things as  guaranteed
incomes, shorter work weeks, education against prisons, abolition of the
death penalty, class struggle... or even  affirmative action.

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