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Jamal Hannah jamal at
Thu Sep 14 14:08:34 MDT 1995

> Actually, I'm about to post a long message to the Cy.Rev with a cc to
> Jamal stating that I agree with Jamal's criticisms. I've already taken a
> quick look at cy.rev and think that Jamal is on target. I am a member of
> the CofC but I don't regard it as anything but a stepping-stone to the
> type of socialist party that is needed. You'll find the same opinion
> prevailing among CofC'ers. The only thing I reject out of hand is the
> notion that small groups of hundreds or even thousands of members of
> cadres in a nation with over 200 million people can be regarded as a
> vanguard, or even a nucleus of a vanguard. This has been proven
> conclusively to lead to dogmatism, sectarianism and premature balding among
> both men and women.
> Louis

Hiya Louis.. well, I just sent you a response to the articles you
sent me from the past which you forewarded to me.  Sorry if I seemed
a bit testy.  I am very concerned that our mere presence on
the Internet, let alone the fact that most of us are a part of
society which benefits from exploitation tends to push many
of us towards reactionary politics.

I must admit I have been frusterated with activists who totaly
reject the Internet altogether, but at the same time I find the
"anti-enviromentalism" of some Marxists to be shocking.  It wasnt for
nothing that the right started saying environmentalists were
"Like watermellons - green on the outside, red on the inside".

That we should throw out the "green" part and only keep the "Red"
part would be a mistake, I believe.

 - JH

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