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Thu Sep 14 17:20:12 MDT 1995

On Thu, 14 Sep 1995, Lisa Rogers wrote:
Repeated > tales about the evils of genetic determinism are redundant
and> irrelevant to all my colleagues...

MIM replies: Well-informed biologists are bored perhaps, but maybe
such enlightened biologists miss what is is happening in the
political industry of science.

Lisa:  I didn't say biologists, just biologically informed, as I like
to imagine anyone with basic education might easily become.

If MIM includes all drug and doctor industry in "bio-det", then we're
not even talking about the same thing.  Unless you'd like to explain
what pharmaceutics have in common with genetic determinism a la Bell

If it "appears" that determinists are "prevalent" in science, maybe
it has something to do with the fact that crap like the BellCurve got
more press, more airtime and more attention than its scientific
critique did, for many reasons.  Real science doesn't sell.

What do you mean by "... the increasing entrenchment in the medical
community and pharmaceutical industry of people who take up
biological determinism" ?

Perhaps I'll learn another definition of biological determinism

Lisa [this is my real, personal name, and I speak for myself]

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