"Red vs. Green"

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Thu Sep 14 16:48:31 MDT 1995

Jamal Hannah's comments on my post are very interesting. It's the first
time I've run into someone with his point of view on the list and look
forward to his continuing participation.

There would be no point, however, in responding to them because there are
such wide disagreements between us politically that we wouldn't get very
far. In general, when I take the trouble to compose an article and submit
it to the list, it is the culmination of thinking I've been going through
for an extended period. I am trying to solve some very basic problems
related to technology, socialism and ecology. These problems will
preoccupy me for the next ten years I'm sure. What I'm looking for at
this point are people who are travelling in the same general direction as
I am. Paul Cockshott, who is sympathetic to Maoism, and his writing
parner Allin Cottrell have a very similar understanding of socialism and
technology and I am trying to integrate their ideas into some of the
ideas I've been developing about ecology and a global economy. I just
picked up a book today by an author Paul had recommended by the name of
Stafford Beer. It's called "Platform for Change" and it seems to look at
things in a fashion very similar to my own. I am very excited by this find.

Basically, I participate on the internet to find people who are moving in
the same direction as I am. It has been most gratifying to discover
Cockshott and Cottrell through this medium. It also has been gratifying
to encounter so many people in so many countries who are re-evaluating
"Marxism-Leninism" in a way similar to my own.

I think you are entitled to your opinions and would encourage you to try
to develop a systematic approach to your own ideas. In general,
commenting on other people's ideas doesn't get us very far in this
medium. I've seen discussions get bogged down when people reply on
comments made by previous comments, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

The floor is yours. Why don't you put forward your own ideas.

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