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Thu Sep 14 12:50:58 MDT 1995

What a coincidence I should just get off the phone after
discussing for an hour or more the complete helplessness of the
black community and the role of religion in keeping black people
in Washington easy pickings for any hustler that comes along, and
I find on the Marxism list the wide-eyed innocence of some of our
smart leftists wondering aloud about Farrakhan's popularity.  I am
extremely offended at the utter stupidity of supposedly
intelligent people.  I'm in a rush now, but believe me, when I
have time, I'm going to get into this some more.  For now, I am
steaming, so I will just respond to a few of the more offensive

>What is the Left to make of Farrakhan and his organizing.

Make the same of it you would of Rev. Ike or Jerry Falwell or
Father Coughlin, dummy.

>The question is why the Nation of Islam succeeds?

Succeeds in doing what, I may ask?  Aside from hiring themselves
out as security services (about which there have been many
complaints), what the hell else have they succeeded in doing?  You
mean why they have a following?  Do you know anything about how
bewildered, helpless, desperate, ignorant, apolitical people
respond to a social situation over which they have no rational
means of control?  Come to Washington and spend a day looking at
the black people around you.  You will see why they are easy

>Charlene Mitchell just sent out an analysis linking the Nation's
>march to the "Promise Keepers" of the Christian Right in its
>implicit male chauvinism.  Do folks agree with that?

That is the tip of the iceberg.  The male chauvinism is explicit,
and the right-wing program goes to the very roots, i.e. the
program is not socialist nor social democratic but serves the
petty bourgeoisie and certain renegade segments of the black
bourgeoisie only.  The emphasis is always on black business,
self-help, and straighten up and fly right rather than influencing
government policy or the redistribution of wealth.  If you look at
the logic of this gambit of the black petty bourgeoisie, their
ambition is to rule and police the black Bantustans throughout the
country, hence the contradictoriness of their message.

>``We are not the cause of America's fall,'' he said to rousing
>applause.  `It is her own mismanagement of people and resources
>that has caused America to be in the condition she is in.''

Note how the above statement contradicts the following:

>a day for atonement, reconciliation and responsibility,''

If the rulers of the country are the culprits, then why must black
males do the atoning?  It's the old NOI message of straighten up
and fly right, you sinners.

>its men to publicly declare their commitment to responsibility
>to their families and communities.

Contrast this pathetic neoconservative display to the goals of the
marches of 1963 and 1968.

>Those who cannot attend are asked to stay home and not spend
>money -- which he said he believes will put a $1 billion dent in
>the economy.

Well, how about the income to be generated by the march itself,
including the millions that will be spent by the million fools
marching on Washington, e.g. money for food, transportation,
shelter, and other purchases?

You know, there are some loudmouth hate-whitey black militants
here who are so outraged at the (1) waste of money, (2) economic
hustle, (3) mixed messages, (4) exclusion of women, that they are
turning on Screwy Louie and denouncing the march.

>the event also has the backing of former NAACP President
>Benjamin Chavis, black fraternities and sororities and civil
>rights pioneer Rosa Parks

The last, pitiful gasp of the old civil rights movement.  It is to

>Farrakhan's followers often note that his life is at risk.

But at the hands of whom?  The American ruling class needs him.

Having to read this foolishness has me enraged.  Post some more
stupidity like this and I'll have your entrails for dinner.

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