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Caught that one on C-SPAN, actually.  (NB: watching C-SPAN or, the gods
hlp you, C-SPAN II is clearly a sign of desperate addictions) More
scandal, more votes - Hunter Thompson said it earlier: "There's no such
thing as bad publicity."
	Chris, the CP in Russia tried to impeach Yeltsin for supporting
the Serbs.  Are we to congratulate them?  And how wobbly do you think
they - the Coms - will be next year in the big election?

Bryan Alexander
Department of English
University of Michigan

On Thu, 14 Sep 1995, Chris Burford wrote:

> But if the reorganised Communists are in good heart in Russia,
> surely the nationalists must be less of a menace?
> I enjoy comparing sources with you, Bryan. Did you catch this
> Reuter's report?
> "The Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky brushed aside critics of his
> recent brawl with the MP Yevgeniya Tishkovskaya, in which he ripped
> her glasses off and pulled her hair in parliament, saying the incident
> would make him more popular than ever with the voters. 'The more scandal,
> the more votes,' he said."
> Sign of wobble?
> Chris B, London
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>  > Much as I hate to tangle with Chris, I've obviously been reading
>  > different sources than he has.  So:
>  > 	Re: the balance of forces in the Russian Republic - my reports and
>  > contact tell me that Zhirinovsky has not really modified his stance or
>  > support over the past year.  Yeltsin is a bit mor epopular, mostly for
>  > foreign policy reasons (a mind-boggling fact for us Americans!), like
>  > shaming CLinton over Iran and this week's tough stance.
>  >

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