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Jim J.
> 	The text of this pamphlet (besides the out-and-out fabricated
> `quote' from Lenin) bears marks of sophistication that seem beyond most
> students -- even though it `sounds' like something a student would write.
> 	Any chance they had some `help' with writing it??

What is interseting is that we are unable to tell whether it was produced
by the right wing of the Australian Labor Party, or by the Liberal Party
(the 'conservatives'). The ALP Right'ers on campus (whose national
grown-up counterparts are the governing electoral force in Australia) are
incredible red-baiters, and have been practicing their skills in teh
student arena with considerable success. The Liberals, by and large, are
more stupid, and don't really think it's too important to analyse the
left in any detail: any old slogans will do.

Any help that the right social-democrats got in pushing this kind of
line, I'd suggest, has come indirectly through studying first year
politics and economic units as well as the rigourous training given by
the ALP. I think, however, that perhaps the left generally fails to understand
how seriously the right takes us in some sectors, and how much of their time
is spent learning about and then pummelling any sign of socialism.

Matt D.
> Thanks so much for posting this!  Absolutely hilarious!
> Imagine Porches, diamonds, or big houses having
>no cost or value. Would that cause economic and social stability? No way.
>Either you wouldn't be allowed to have any at all (technological
>regression) or everyone would have them. The latter is of course
>impossible. At least capitalism gives you the chance to own something
>This passsage actually brought a tear to my eye!  These poor bastards! :)

It's pretty wierd stuff. I still can't understand, however, why they pick
on value. It certainly does cut straight to the core of what much of it
is about, but it seems that the obvious targets are political repression,
low living standards, Big Brother etc etc .. all the usual crap.

To put it another way, when was the last time that socialists embarked on
a pro-active propaganda education campaign based on a critique of
neo-classical conceptions of value? The idea of printing up a leaflet for
distribution on campus which talks about C-M-C cycles and abstract labour
has never occured to me. Perhaps we're missing something.

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