US bombing in Bosnia

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Fri Sep 15 06:13:00 MDT 1995

**U.S. Communists: Stop the bombing! -- Statement of the
Communist Party USA**

(Reprinted from the September 16, 1995 issue of the People's
Weekly World. Maybe reprinted or reposted with PWW credit.
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The heinous, murderous, senseless bombings being carried out
by the United States Air Force and Navy, under the phony
umbrella of NATO, is nothing more than an attempt by U.S.
imperialism to assert its dominance over the former
socialist Yugoslavia and the other imperialist powers vying
for influence.

Michael McCurry, a Clinton administration spokesman,
admitted that the "conditions for the air campaign are
unrelated to many of the issues that are in the political
settlement." The fact that our government continues bombing
even after the basis for a peace settlement had been
established demonstrates that U.S. imperialism is determined
to dominate the outcome. In fact the bombing is aimed at
stopping the peace process, just as the U.S. has done to
several previous peace settlements.

World opinion opposes the bombing, which is aimed
fundamentally at the civilian population. Differences among
the imperialist countries are sharpening. The danger of
escalation grows more real every day. First there was the
bombing, then cruise missiles, now the proposal is to use
radar-evading stealth weaponry. Are tactical nuclear weapons
on this list?

Now we are told that air strikes have failed to force the
Serbs to pull back. Is this a cover for war escalation,
including the introduction of U.S. ground forces? U.S.
imperialism and NATO are feeling cocky -- they see this as a
testing ground.

Furthermore, U.S. imperialism is reviving the NATO dinosaur
and using it as a cover for its military adventures and
dreams of world domination. This will never bring peace --
only wanton destruction of civilians and their

Opposition among the U.S. people to these attacks is
beginning to mount. People are speaking out more and more.

Peace is won through struggle. Every voice must be lifted
against this "Dresden-style" bombing. The American people
have a special obligation to compel the end to the bombing
and demand that a peace settlement be implemented, not
bombed out.

Peace organizations, trade unions, community organizations,
religious groups, humanitarian groups, all peace-loving
people must come together to demand: Stop the bombing, no
more weapons into the region, end the war.

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