Why communism sucks

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Fri Sep 15 07:45:13 MDT 1995

>To put it another way, when was the last time that socialists embarked on
>a pro-active propaganda education campaign based on a critique of
>neo-classical conceptions of value? The idea of printing up a leaflet for
>distribution on campus which talks about C-M-C cycles and abstract labour
>has never occured to me. Perhaps we're missing something.
Thanks Adam,
 I find the above very promising. Perhaps you *are* missing something. Ther=
is indeed a large segment (is that the term I'm looking for?) of people who=
are not dumb, but who are exposed to all kinds of "Why communism sucks" wit=
very little contradictory information available. Not all of these people ca=
be bothered to actively *look* for that information. That does not=20
necessarily make them hopeless cases.
 I *can* be bothered to look, but (sadly) the discussion is mostly either=20
way above me or way below me. There seems to be two dominant kinds of=20
leftists: The ones with a huge theoretical background (like most of the lis=
members) and the ones whose politics are determined by things like the=20
income of their fathers... Both of them fail to reach the segment at which=20
"Why communism sucks" is aimed.
 Adam, I hope that you are serious about the leaflet that you suggest.=20
Should this be the case, I hereby volunteer to be your Guinea Pig. Please=20
send me a draft and I'll tell you what I understand, what I don't=20
understand, what I don't believe and why.
Best regards,
Otto Medin, political light-weight

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