"Red vs. Green"

Derek A. Kalahar greens at tam2000.tamu.edu
Fri Sep 15 09:10:21 MDT 1995

Forgive me for my ignorance but what is a Luddite or neo-luddism ????

> On Thu, 14 Sep 1995, Jamal Hannah wrote:
> > First of all, I want to point out that by accusing Sale of "neo-luddism"
> > you are stooping to ad-hominim slander.  It's obvious that calling
> > someone a "luddite" on the Interenet is akin to using the
> > term "commie" or "Red" in the 50's.  So much raw hate is drummed up
> > against the luddites on the Interenet that one knows ahead of
> > time that this label will draw an instant negative emotional reaction.
> > I feel that this choice of title basically undermined the
> > objectivity of your essay.
> Louis:
> The last paragraph of Kirkpatrick Sale's new book "Rebels Against the
> Future":
> "But even from a survey as limited as the one I have attempted here, it
> is not unreasonable to think that the audience for a neo-Luddite message
> is wide and must be growing daily--or even that a resuscitation and new
> appreciation of the original Luddites might provide exactly the kind of
> instructive parallel from which such an audience might learn how to
> become rebels against the future they face, and find a world to gain."
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