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Forgive me for my ignorance but what is a Luddite or neo-luddism ????

Lisa: hey, nobody got born knowing any of this stuff already.
Originally a group of workers led by a man named Ludd was resisting
mechanization, which was putting them out of work while the owners
made more money than ever.  They objected not to machinery per se,
but to the many evils of capitalist exploitation which was using
mechanization in ways harmful to workers.

They did actually smash some machinery in shops where owners would
not negotiate with them.

Of course, they were painted by the capitalists as "opponents of
progress", so "Luddism" came to represent unreasoning hatred of

I suspect the "neo"-luddism as a term is intended as a rehabilitation
of the word, the point being to return to the original luddism as an
entirely valid critique which should be continued and developed

It appears perfectly marxian to me, and of current relevance.


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