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>From duquda at sncac.snc.edu Tue Aug 29 19:41:23 1995
  Marx here emphasizes the abolition of private property but it must
be kept in mind that private property is the result, not the cause,
of alienated labor.  The cause is the manner in which production
takes place, and under capitalism it is specifically through wage
labor.  Thus, it is not the mere abolishing of private property alone
which brings emancipation but rather the socializing and humanizing
of productive activity.

Lisa says:
"result, not the cause" - what?

I think the point of abolishing private property is that the private
ownership, by capitalists, of the means of production, is itself an
essential part of the "manner" of production.  Because it is the
"owner's property rights" that are the "legal" [therefore enforced by
state power] basis for the owner of the means of production to claim
private ownership [alienation from the producer] of all products,
surplus value, etc.

Therefore, abolition of private ownership of means of mass production
should not be viewed as a "rather than", but as integral to
socialization of production.


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