The End of Trotskyism?

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> The discussion of Alan Wald's "The End of Trotskyism?" comes to the end
> itself in the current issue (#58) of Against The Current.  I urge all to read
> this exchange.  The following are some thoughts stimulated by this
> discussion.
Tim, thanks for the profound and thought-provoking post. It was actually
J. Plant's original post on the Wald article that got me on a project to
try to unravel the mess made by "Marxism-Leninism" in the
twentieth-century. I have posted 2 articles already:

--Bolshevism in Context

--Stalin and the Comintern

3 more are in the works in the following order:

--Trotskyism as "Marxism-Leninism" (I'm doing in-depth reading of Cannon
in order to provide some meat here).

--An alternative to "Marxism-Leninism" (As you might have guessed at some
point, I've been very close to Peter Camejo politically, am now a member
of the CofC, and consider Castro to be the most accomplished
revolutionary since Lenin)

--Trotsky's Marxism (an examination of Permanent Revolution, etc.
Basically I consider Trotsky to be the most important Marxist political
analyst since Marx, but as a politician he was inept and sectarian.)

I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about, but with much more light than
heat compared to the fracas we had over Yugoslavia. In the general area
of the failings of Trotskyist "Marxism-Leninism", we're reached a number
of similar conclusions. Where we differ, I believe, is on what's needed
as a substitute.

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