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Lisa Rogers EQDOMAIN.EQWQ.LROGERS at email.state.ut.us
Fri Sep 15 11:54:41 MDT 1995

My apologies for unreasonably presuming too much.  The good news,
Jeff, is that in digest form this list uses less disc-space than the
1000+ posts per month form of plain marxism list.

Contents of marxism-digest are identical to contents of marxism, one
posts to the same address, etc.

But posts are collected by a digest program, stripped of headers and
appended together, until a digest issue reaches a set size.  The size
triggers the send mechanism, and all digest-subbers then receive a
copy.  Depending on the size of the various posts, it may contain
10-20 posts.  Therefore, you may receive 2or3 posts of digest per
day, rather than 50 posts.

This is useful for several reasons, and I especially like it when I
am off-line for a few days, because it is a much smaller load on both
computer ware and wet-ware [brain].

The main draw-back which I have encountered is that its table of
contents does not list authors, only subject lines, and in order to
read to the end of the digest, one is forced to page through

But it is quicker to read than the equivalent in separate posts,
takes less space, etc.

If anyone would like to try it out, send message

subscr*be marxism digest to

majordomo at jefferson.village.virginia.edu

also send separate message

unsubscr*be marxism

to same majordomo but spell the un/sub word correctly.  I can't here
or this message would bounce [not go directly to the list.]
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