On Marx from Hegel-list 1. -Reply

Fri Sep 15 12:19:11 MDT 1995

I believe that Duquette's point is that the Value-form in capitalism
creates a specific form of private property.  Hence, it is not private
property in a general form which is problematic, but the particular form
it takes in capitalist relations.  In this sense, one could say that
private property is not the "cause."

Whereby, it is not the abolishment of individual rights to private
property, but rather the abolishment of capitalist production relations,
viz. capital and wage labor nexus, i.e. the private ownership of the
means of production.

Moreover, Duquette's post was in partial response to some comments that
Marx's notion of absenting private property is not the absenting
of individual rights, but rather the particular relations of production
under capitalism.

Hence, it is not private property which need to be abolished, but rather
the production relations as such.

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