"Red vs. Green" - apology

Jamal Hannah jamal at bronze.lcs.mit.edu
Fri Sep 15 12:47:53 MDT 1995

Ok, to Lois I want to apologize publicly, because I
was basicaly using his essays as a means to "launch" my own
(pent up) fealings towards a host of "anti-green" arguments I have
seen broadcast on the internet, mostly from the right.

Looking over Louis's writing I can say that his position seems
genuine, and his concerns valid. (as for as socialism is concerned..)

My own style of writing is often based on taking something and
replying to it, and then building on this by adding a multitude of
perspectives which occour to me while writing, or which I thought of
in the recent past.

Anyway, I dont mean to bash Louis or characterize him as "anti-enviromentalist"
.. (though I did in that article I wrote, accusations which I'll steb back

I do not think that greens are neccesarily more reactionary as a whole than
many other members of society with various concerns, and I suppose that
those interested in technology are neccesarily more reactionary than
any other group.  I did feel that some strong arguments were needed
to "balence out" the score, since there seemed to be a lot of needless
"green bashing" in a few of the writings I have recently read from
people calling themselves "socialists".

We do live in very reactionary times however, and this effects all
groups and all types of thinking.

When Marxism is applied to the rhealm of technology, or the rhealm of
environmentalism, I would expect that eventualy both sides would
come to some of the same conclusions, but from different perspectives.
(one would hope, at least..)

 - Jamal Hannah

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