ACTION REPORT: Sept 3 Mass Picke (fwd)

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Fri Sep 15 12:25:57 MDT 1995

On Mon, 11 Sep 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> Louis: Bryan A. Alexander's post below contains just the type of information
> that needs to be included in our own version of "Iskra". Let us think of an
> appropriate name for such a newspaper. One ultraleft, sectarian outfit, whose
> name I can't recall (I'm getting old) actually call their newspaper "Spark";
> at least they have the intelligence not to call it "Iskra".

Hey, Spark ain't sectarian, at least not the branch I *was* in. We were
always willing to work with anyone, and we were foridden to speak ill of
other organizations (not that we didn't). And they actually have led a
couple of strikes to victory in the Detroit area. Of course, you are
probably familiar with the NY branch, which is little more than a gang of
thugs that has been allowed to remain in the group so that Spark could
have a NY presence.

> Here's a challenge to List members. What would be a good name for a
> socialist weekly in the U.S. (or your own country, for that matter)? I
> know Scott already has a name for such a newspaper: "Daily World". But
> for the rest of us ragtag petty-bourgeois elements, what would our
> newspaper be called?
> I like the "Liberator" myself. Ties to Douglass, without all the
> Marxist-Leninese connotations. What sayest thou?

I've always thought something with the word "Haymarket" in it would be
nice, but then, I'm from Chicago. "Liberator" is a great name howver. We
could call ourselves the workers' liberation movement. "Workers' Lib! Rah!"


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