Shining Path and Ridgway

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Fri Sep 15 13:04:45 MDT 1995

> > > The central fact is this: Peru's "legal Left" has remarkable
> > > flexibility in serving in Parliament and military regimes in
> > > craven capitulation. The only organization otherwise--and
> > > there was every stripe imaginable in Peru, Trots, Deng Xiaopingers,
> > > social-dems etc--the only other organization to actually be independent
> > > of the government was the pro-Cuban group, and even that one
> > > dissolved in 1993. Now it is PCP vs. the military dictatorship.
> > > That's all.
> >
> > 	I'm sure Sendero has had a BIG hand in creating this sad
> > situation...
> >
> MIM replies: This is absolutely new in my years of defending the
> PCP. I have only seen this on the Marxism List: blame the PCP
> for the weakness of ideological tendencies completely unconnected
> to it. Always I hear people say the PCP is unaffiliated with the "legal
> Left" and why doesn't it "reason" with the state and its social-democratic
> elements? Never do I hear this other critique that the PCP is to
> blame for the failure of petty-bourgeois moveemnts that criticized PCP
> for being isolated from them.

Sendero, in fact, had a huge hand in the destruction of the NON-PCP left.
In the mid to late 1970's, Sendero was insignificant. The Tupac Amuros (a
trotskyist guerrilla group) and the pro-Cubans were the main forces in
the hills. Sendero recieved arms from the government in exchange for
eradicating these other two groups. Not only is the PCP backstabbing
traitors to the lefty, they were in bed with the government.

I will post the article about this over the weekend.

Marc Luzietti

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