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Lisa Rogers EQDOMAIN.EQWQ.LROGERS at email.state.ut.us
Fri Sep 15 14:36:51 MDT 1995

Personally, I've had enough of the SWP "side" of the story.
According to their own literature that I have seen, Curtis was lured
from the restaurant to the house, and he says the cops pulled his
pants down before arresting him, so he does admit being there, but he
has a story about it.

As for the lawsuit, all it established is that two cops [not among
the arresting ones] did come into his cell that night and seriously
beat him.  Did they do so because he was an SWP activist or because
they really believed that he had just been caught practically in the
act of raping a young teenager?  Or just for fun?  Or all of these?

Well, none of us were there at the time, so I guess we just have to
decide who to believe, or reserve judgement.

Someone on the list once posted about several various marxist group
leaders' abusive actions and attitudes about women.  Point is, some
folks have still not got the big picture of the extension of fully
developed humanity to all humans and human relations.  Without that,
marxist organizations become just another arena for competitive
social-status-building and funding for self-aggrandizement.

Lisa R

>>> Dennis P. Tyler <dptyler at hamlet.uncg.edu>  9/14/95, 09:53pm >>>
Recently, I  received a leaflet containing the text below.  I do not
support this  position, but in the interests of representing both
sides of this debate,  I've posted a large chunk of it below.

+++++++++++++PAROLE MARK CURTIS!
[snip] Curtis was refused the right to present crucial evidence
concerning the police frame-up and convicted even though he proved he
was  in a restraurant with dozens of coworkers at the time the
alleged rape  took place.

In 1992, in the midst of public outcry against police beatings of
Rodney King in Los Angeles and of Larry Milton in Des Moines, Curtis
won a civil rights lawsuit against the cops who brutalized him.  This
victory demonstrated that the cops lied about Curtis' arrest.  He was
awarded $64,000 in damages and attorneys' fees.
[snip] If you're interested in  hearing about the SWP position, I'll
continue posting this later.

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