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Fri Sep 15 15:32:22 MDT 1995

D.L.Webb says (Digest 2 # 2):

"currently doing PhD on relationship between marxism and
utopianism.  any useful information or useful addresses?"

Since this may be of interests to other as well, I'll respond to
the list.  A good starting point is Chapter 1 ("Of Utopian
Socialism") in Hal Draper's _Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution_,
Volume IV: Critique of Other Socialisms (New York: Monthly Review
Press, 1990). The chapter itself is quite short (21 pages) but
has an extensive bibliography and notes.  Also of interest is
Chapter 5, "Of Anarchism: Proudhonist Model".

If you count Proudhon as a utopian socialist, then Marx's whole
critique of "bourgeois socialism" in _The Poverty of Philosophy_
is useful.  A quick outline is Part One of John Harrison's
_Marxist Economics for Socialists: A critique of reformism_
(London: Pluto Press, 1978).  (I'm going to write a review of
this useful little book for the list later.)

Tom Condit

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