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Subject: Marxist Sociology Section of the ASA (fwd)

For those on the LEFT-L list who consider themselves sociologists and who
are not members of the Marxist Section we do encourage you to join with
us in expanding the Marxist section of ASA. Talmadge

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> Hello everyone,
> I am sending this message to several lists and individuals as part of a
> recruitment drive for the Marxist section of the American Sociological
> Association (ASA).  As of the ASA meeting held on August 19-23, we had 374
> members.  We need 400 members by september 30th to get another session on the
> program for next year.  In the long run, the section is setting its sights on
> a membership level of 600 members by September 1996 (that would give the
> section 4 sessions on the program).
> If you have any questions contact Art Jipson (jipsonaj at, Martha
> Gimenez (Martha.Gimenez at Colorado.Edu) or Sara Schoonmaker
> (schoonma at Please feel free to share this with other
> interested groups and individuals.
> I believe that the benefits and advantages of the section are well outlined
> in the section's information (taken from the section's brochure):
>                            MARXIST SOCIOLOGY SECTION
> The Section of Marxist Sociology is concerned with developing Marxist
> analysis as a method of scientific and scholarly research within sociology.
> Marxist analysis is not seen as focused on a specific aspect of social life,
> but rather as a method for analysis of the dynamics of social change, with an
> emphasis on the interplay of economic, social, and political factors.  This
> method involves a dialectical interaction between theory, method, and
> practice.
> The Section on Marxist Sociology facilitates the work of its members in
> several ways.  First, at our sessions at the ASA Annual meetings,
> sociologists with similar theoretical concerns meet for an interchange of
> ideas, research findings, and experiences in teaching and applying Marxist
> sociological perspectives in and out of the classroom.  Second, the Marxist
> Sociology Section assists in the development of resources for teaching and
> research which enhance the contribution of Marxist perspectives to the
> sociological enterprise.  Third, the Section encourages the development of
> local and regional activities by serving as a medium of communication among
> persons interested in Marxist analysis throughout the country.  Finally, the
> Section encourages the publication and distribution of Marxist sociological
> theory and research bearing on Marxist perspectives.
> Why Join The Marxist Sociology Section?
>       1.  Members of the Marxist Sociology Section receive our
>           frequently published newsletter, which contains extensive
>           information on Marxist concerns.  The newsletter includes
>           information about works in progress, important new
>           books, information about conferences, and other issues of
>           concern to Marxist sociologists.
>       2.  Members may present papers in the sessions and
>           participate in roundtables and other activities sponsored by
>           the Marxist Sociology Section at the annual ASA
>           meetings.
>       3.  Through the Marxist Sociology Section, members can
>           help influence the ASA to make it a more responsible
>           professional organization.  The more members, the more
>           sessions the Marxist Section can have at the annual ASA
>           meetings.
> How Can I Join The Marxist Sociology Section?
>       If you are a member of the American Sociological
>       Association, you can easily become a member of our Section.
>       Use the form on the reverse side of this brochure to inform the
>       ASA that you want to be a member of the Marxist Sociology
>       Section.  Alternatively, when you renew your ASA
>       membership, check the box for the Marxist Sociology Section.
>       Dues for the Section are only $10 per year for employed
>       sociologists, and $7 for students and unemployed.
>       If you do not belong to the American Sociological
>       Association, we invite you to join both it and our Section.
>       Use the form on the reverse side to request information
>       concerning membership in the ASA (which has a sliding scale
>       according to income) and our Section.  Or call the ASA at
>       (202) 833-3410.
> -------------------------------------CLIP-------------------------------------
> To:  American Sociological Association
>      1722 N. Street N.W.
>      Washington, D.C.  20036
>      From:     _______________________________
>                _______________________________
>                _______________________________
> ____ I am an ASA member, and want to join the
>      Marxist Sociology Section.  Enclosed is a
>      check for $10.00 for Section dues for this
>      year.  (or $7.00 for students and unemployed)
> ____ I am not an ASA member, but I am interested
>      in joining the Marxist Sociology Section.
>      Please send me information about membership
>      in both the ASA and the Marxist Sociology
>      Section.
> Make checks payable to the American Sociological Association
> -------------------------------------CLIP-------------------------------------
> Art Jipson
> Department of Sociology, Gerontology, and Anthropology
> Upham Hall
> Miami University
> Oxford, Ohio 45056
> 513-529-2637
> jipson_art at or JIPSONAJ at MUOHIO.EDU
> NCSOCA page:
>  The Page of the North Central Sociological Association
Talmadge Wright                                        (312)508-3451 *
Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology                  FAX:(312)508-3646 *
Loyola University Chicago                   twright at *
6525 N. Sheridan Rd.                                                 *
Chicago, Illinois 60626                                              *

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