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Lisa Rogers EQDOMAIN.EQWQ.LROGERS at email.state.ut.us
Fri Sep 15 16:22:17 MDT 1995

Allin is quite right, the digestion of arugula does begin in the
stomach, or even in the mouth as particle size is reduced and
salivary enzymes mixed in.  It ends in a giant tank called a digester
at the end of the sewage treatment plant, where the sinkies and the
floaties are allowed to further ferment, after being removed from the
wastewater stream.

As for the digestion of marxism, to answer a few more questions,

>who and/or what criteria is used to group the messages?

They are collected by the program simply in the order received, and a
digest ends only based on size of the collection.

>if they don't contain headers, then my e-mail address won't appear
for those who might wish to post to me privately?

The headers that are stripped are things that I do not see when
reading individual e-mail, unless I tab for it on purpose.  It seems
to contain histories of where the post came from, through and to,
instructions to mailing progams and such.  The regular From, To and
Subject lines that I see at the top of the post I am writing now will
still appear at the top of this post in the digest form, as they do
in the individual form, whichever form you may be reading now.  So,
private postings for digressions and such or any off-list
communication are still easily possible.


P.S. Any further clarifications needed, just ask.
And of course, you can unsub the next day if you want.  Or try the
digest and decide if you like it before unsubbing from regular list.

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