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Subject: Online Courses for Activists!

Sign up now for the Fall '95 semester of LOLU -- Left Online
University. LOLU is a project of LBBS -- Left Online -- email to
lbbs-info at for more details.

Below is a listing of courses, followed by how-to instructions for
signing up. --Harel Barzilai (harelb at

                       Fall 1995 LOLU Courses:

The Fall semester of LOLU will begin October 1. It will last ten weeks
(unless  particular faculty make special arrangements to go longer) and
includes 6 course offerings.

JAMIN RASKIN will teach a new course on Law and Democracy in a Period
of Reaction. This is the first semester this course has been offered
and w are very happy to have added Jamin to our list of LOLU
faculty. Jamin is chair of the Law School at American University,
noted writer and lawyer on the left, etc.

ROBIN HAHNEL will again teach a course on Introduction to Political
Economy, and, for the first time, a second course on Ecological
Economics. Robin teaches economics as a professor at American
University in Washington DC and is also author of numerous boo on
economics, etc.

STEPHEN SHALOM will again teach a course on U.S. Foreign Policy.
Steve teaches politics at Montclair St. and is author of numerous
books and articles on political theory and, particularly, foreign
policy, etc.

HAREL BARZILAI will again teach a course on Using the Internet. Harel
is w known for MiscAltActivism on the Internet, and for his overall
telecommunications activism and knowledge, etc.

And MICHAEL ALBERT (LBBS sysop) will again teach (after a one semester
layoff) a course on Conceiving Economic Vision. Michael is
co-developer/author of the Participatory Economic model and an
editor/founder of Z Magazine, etc.


Each of these courses, unless a faculty person makes a special
dispensatio will have to attain a minimum enrollment of 25 students to
be held.

To take a course (which gives you full rights to participate in all
facets including reading and writing) costs $75.

To audit a course (which only gives you the ability to read materials
post in the course, but not to write questions or comments, etc.),
costs $30.

As a special deal, if you take two courses, you can audit any other
course for $10 or all four other courses for $30. Also, if you take
one course, you can additionally audit any other for $15, or two
others for a total of $25.


You need to join LBBS to take LOLU (Left Online University) courses.

To join LBBS, send $20 to LBBS, 18 Millfield St.  Woods Hole, MA
02543, and then add the course fees for the course(s) you want to take
($75) or audit ($30) (there are discounts for second, third, courses
if you want to take/audit more than one course--call for these).

        (a) Your VISA/MASTERCARD credit card Number AND EXP date (if you

        (b) Your proposed USER-ID

                (Can be your name e.g. mine is "Harel Barzilai")

        (c) Your proposed PASSWORD (up to nine characters)

        (d) Your name and full address

        (e) The type software (DOS, Mac, Windows) you would
        like to receive

        (f) Which LOLU course(s) you want to take [$75 each] or audit
        [$30 each] besides your $20 sign-up to LBBS.

Send to (fax/email/telephone/snail):

Send a FAX to LBBS at: 15084570626 which includes
number and (a)-(f)


Send an EMAIL to Michael Albert at sysop at with the same


Call 508-548-9063 with this info.

If you don't have a credit-card (I understand credit-cards are,
outside the U.S., less common), and if you email/fax the above (a)-(f)
but instead of a credit card number say "the check is in the mail"
they will still set it up for you, but send your check *right away* to
LBBS, 18 Millfield St.  Woods Hole, MA 02543, USA.

                           * * N O T E * *

Seven days after you do this, telnet into LBBS ("telnet") and
give your USER-ID and give your PASSWORD. If it's working, then all is
well and your Manual and disks etc are already on their way to you by

If not, there is a problem, and you should call Michael Albert at
508-548-9063 (if you're out of the U.S. and this is a hardship, send
me email and I'll try to mediate).

Note that the 10 week semester starts on October 1. So there isn't
that much time to spare. Though, coming a week or two late is reallly
ok, since all the materials remain available online. Let me know if
you have other questions.

Harel (harelb at

PS -- I had mentioned that people who sign up for LOLU courses will be
able to participate cheaply via telnet; the price is just $2.50
(U.S. dollars ) per hour, and given that one can down-load the
lectures quickly and read them off LBBS at no charge, and similarly
compose responses for free off-line and then upload/email, the cost is
next to nothing. While you're there you'll be able to read online
($2.50/hour) or down-load commentary from the many interesting LBBS

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