Marx + utopia

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In addition to some of the books mentioned, I would very much recommend
John Pamenatz's KARL MARX'S PHILOSOPHY OF MAN (Oxford, 1975), George
1982), Paul Thomas's KARL MARX AND THE ANARCHISTS (Routledge, 1980), and
yes, my own just released work, MARX, HAYEK, AND UTOPIA (SUNY, 1995).

Personally speaking, I really do believe that Marx was right on target in
his critique of utopianism for its fundamentally non-dialectical modes of
thought, modes that are ahistorical, acontextual, and ultimately
constructivistic.  In this respect, Marx shares much with Hayek in his
own epistemic critique of utopianism (or perhaps one might say that Hayek
shares much with Marx in this regard).  Nevertheless, it is my view that
ultimately, Marx's vision for communism has some pretty profound
epistemic obstacles of its own that qualify it as a kind of utopianism.

	Good luck with the dissertation!
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