Topac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) of Peru

Jamal Hannah jamal at
Fri Sep 15 20:41:07 MDT 1995

> Marc Luzietti wrote:
> >Sendero, in fact, had a huge hand in the destruction of the NON-PCP left.
> >In the mid to late 1970's, Sendero was insignificant. The Tupac Amuros (a
> >trotskyist guerrilla group) and the pro-Cubans were the main forces in
> >the hills. Sendero recieved arms from the government in exchange for
> >eradicating these other two groups. Not only is the PCP backstabbing
> >traitors to the lefty, they were in bed with the government.
> >
> >I will post the article about this over the weekend.
> Well, we've reached a real milestone in our quest for "What is the most
> idiotic thing we can say, in defiance of all evidence or rationality, about
> the Communist Party of Peru."
> Unfortunately, the prize fund is a little low right now (bought a CD at a
> show last night), so I'm afraid all I can offer is this electronic pat on
> the back.
> Good work!
> -- Matt D.

Matt, rather than resorting to ridiculous ad-homenim attacks (I mean,
on what grounds tdo you speak?  Please enlighten us.  What Marc is
saying is not very far-off from what I remember reading in a very good
book:  "Peru: A Time of Fear")

What do you know about Victor Polay's "Topac Amaru Revolutionary Movement"
(MRTA) .. ?

I get the idea that the MRTA is/was a bit more like the FMLN or FSLN,
but in Peru.  They started guerilla actions in 1984, and they were
inspired by Che Guavera.

Can anyone else on this list dig up some information on this group?

 - JH

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