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1. The US Census data shows how difficult it is to differentiate the
'races' by home ownership. More than thirty percent of 'white' households
don't own their domicile, and almost  50 percent of Black households do.
The great racial divide seems not be established here. Of course 30 percent
of the white population is many times in absolute size half the Black
population, so it seems by MIM's own standards they now have a sufficiently
sizable group of settlers who could be potentially revolutionary.

MIM claims that homeowners  "can expect dividends or interest from investments
using the equity as collateral."  There is no evidence given that the mass
of workers are living high on dividends and interest from investments.

2. MIM also asserted a distinction between racism and national oppression
without  clarifying the nature and significance of that distinction.

3. MIM reasserts conclusions without arguments:
>MIM replies: We have already pointed out that settlers--workers with
>real estate, especially that recently seized--are more reactionary.

4.  MIM may respond to Tom Condit's post on class analysis before I respond
to their argument.  This will also give me time to figure it out.

5. MIM points to the Black Panther Party.  Its isolation and defeat--in the
absence of mass-based class conscious action--seems not have to taught MIM
anything.  But perhaps they are preparing again this sort of suicidal
action so that MIM can give it the green light whenever the next Maoist
party in power needs the threat of internal dissension in the US so that
the Amerika can be encouraged in some future negotiation to allow that
state-capitalist party (what MIM calls Maoist) to retain more of the
surplus value produced by the exploited proletariat.  I suppose, this is
the sort of thing MIM calls strategy and tactics; this sort of thing is of
course the real parasitical dealmaking in the world economy today, but MIM
is too busy with trying to render the melanin deficiency theory in Marxist
language (what an affront!) to notice reality.     Anways,  what concern is
bunch of dead and humiliated Black people to those who eyes are always on
the prize...abroad?

6. MIM did not answer my question about what the trends were regarding


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