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On Thu, 14 Sep 1995, Jamal Hannah wrote:
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> within the USA)... of course if MIM says something like "The black
> panthers were Maoists" (because they aggreed with some of what Mao said),
> this does not neccesarily make the Black Panthers Maoists, or, for that
> matter, totaly wrong/bad/etc.  Do people hate Marx because the
> Maoists like Marx?  That would be foolish.
> My point is that it's wrong to reject subjects such as the 3rd world,
> radical democracy (where the poorest people have political power),
> revolution, etc. simply because MIM likes these things, and other
> stuff is thrown in which we disagree with.

MIM replies: First for Chris Burford, the Black Panthers
seemed to be on the inside track as early as October 26, 1968:

"Apology to Chairman Mao

"The BLACK PANTHER Newspaper apologizes to Chairman Mao
and The People's Republic of China for publishing a dated
photograph in our last issue picturing the recently purged Lin Piao."

What is incredible about this is the date it came out, years
before the coup attempt, and perhaps again proving there was
always some strain somewhere between Mao and Lin, and somehow
the Black Panthers knew what the rest of the world would find
out much later.

The Black Panthers quoted Mao and upheld Mao as clearly as
could be done in the English language. Not only did they
run articles from Mao's press in China, they quoted the CCP
on Maoism's role verbatim. On Jan. 4th, 1969, they quoted
some Mexican comrades favorably: "Without Marxism-Leninism,
Mao tse-Tung's Thought, there is no and will never be
socialism in any country."

Or try March 16, 1969 of the Black Panther newspaper:

quoted from African communists by the Black Panthers.

We have a whole packet of articles by the Panthers,
reprinted by the Panthers and excerpted by the Panthers
talking about Mao. It's poor quality xerox, but definitely
readable. Send $20 to MIM, PO Box 3576, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-3576
Tell them we sent you from the INTERNET.

Anyone who gets this packet will see that what a bunch of
racism or national chauvinism it is that all these "leftists"
say the Black Panthers were not internationalists and muddy-minded.
Given all the Hollywood and lecture-circuit historical
revisionism, I think most people will be surprised how radical
the Black Panthers were 1966-1969 before getting smashed by the

We also have our own articles and study pack on the question.
You can write to me.

Pat for MIM

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