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Sat Sep 16 07:35:08 MDT 1995


 > Lisa:  I'd put it a little differently - there is no fundamental
 > difference between reactionary fundamentalists, so it is equally
 > accurate to say that the christian right is just another copy of
 > islam, or more directly historically a bastardized descendant of
 > fundamentalist judaism, and the christinsanity is the veneer.


Yes we are putting it a little differently. I am not so concerned with
whether the Nation of Islam is reactionary, (except in the sense that
every group that does not have a revolutionary position is reactionary).
I am trying to place them in social context. I have the strongest
impression that if a socio-cultural analysis is done of their customs,
ways of thinking, habits and rituals, they will be seen as close
evolutionary relatives of many black christian religious/social groupings.

Islam is a veneer, a symbol of separateness (though I would not like anyone
to forward this post to their e-mail address with my personal details

By the way, I am conscious, that the term Afro-American is considered
more politically appropriate in the USA now. The equivalent term has
not caught on in England, and progressive people still talk of "blacks".
Each term has its problems. Any comments?

Chris B, London.

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