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Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 02:27:45 -0500
Subject: get rad on the web FREE

while rooting around the internet, i've found three sites which are
allowing web readers to have pages on the World Wide Web absolutely free! i
think this is an excellent opportunity for activists to put info through
the internet on our own terms. the web reaches schools, homes, offices and
many places our activism doesn't always reach.

the sites are:

creating a web page requires knowledge of hypertext markup language (HTML)
but there are numerous books and freeware software to make learning this
tons easier than having to program by hand. i can give some pointers (i'm
learning HTML now) for mac software and ideas on HTML. in addition, if
you've done a page and need help publicizing it and getting it listed in
indexes (indexes are VERY IMPORTANT in hitting interested folks)  and such,
i'll helpfully point you in the right directions as best i can. sound like
a cool deal? what are you waiting for?

please be aware that (on geopages, at least) there's a growing presence of
Nazis, "constitutionalists," racists and assorted moving targets/pond scum.
i am in the process of documenting that right now. however, i'd enourage
people not to be dissuaded by their presence; if nothing else, our moving
in is a way of fucking up the neighborhood and meeeting them presence for

please spread the word about these free sites to activists far and wide.
feel free to let progressive and radical folks know i'll offer what help i
can (i, too, am just learning after all) and get out and spread the
message. thanks for everyone's time and take care.

in it to win it,
frank, from Black Fist

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