the poverty of chaos?

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> Following Scott M. thoughts, how is that power relations such as Hegel's
> Master-Slave dialectic be reduced to a mathematical model?  How is the
> capital\wage-labor nexus shown?
> It is true that chaos theory has proven to be benefical in the area of
> crisis theory
[how so?, JL]
, however, epistemologcially and ontologically chaos theory is
> as much a paradigm shift has the Marginal revolution was to Marxian
> economic theory.
> Science very much depends dialectics, we need to be able to make a (Kantian)
> dialectical comment such as the anomalies (e.g. Freedom and
> Determinism); dialectical remarks (e.g. Price and Value); we need to be
> able to employ the other retroductive motif, viz. transcendental arguments.
> Mathematics, regardless of its sophistication, cannot dialectical deduce
> the (Hegelian) Unhappy Consciousness, Beautiful Sole, or the (Marxian)
> Value form.
> Chaos theory seems to me to be a special case of dialectics, and a
> special one at that.
Contra others, I found the above sections of Hans's post to be very
interesting and thoughtful. The fundamental issue he raises, is the one I
raised last month when we discussed this thread before -- the
methodological underpinings of chaos theory. Hans -- it might help others
if you could expand on these thoughts some more.


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