biology or the poverty of chaos

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Sat Sep 16 02:18:20 MDT 1995

On Fri, 15 Sep 1995, HANS DESPAIN wrote:>
> Steve, I do not understand how such a statement can be defended.  Chris
> Burford also suggest a long while back that chaos theory is a paradigm
> shift.  I simply do not know what someone means by dialectics when they
> say such things.
> Following Scott M. thoughts, how is that power relations such as Hegel's
> Master-Slave dialectic be reduced to a mathematical model?  How is the
> capital\wage-labor nexus shown?
> It is true that chaos theory has proven to be benefical in the area of
> crisis theory, however, epistemologcially and ontologically chaos theory is
> as much a paradigm shift has the Marginal revolution was to Marxian
> economic theory.
> Science very much depends dialectics, we need to be able to make a (Kantian)
> dialectical comment such as the anomalies (e.g. Freedom and
> Determinism); dialectical remarks (e.g. Price and Value); we need to be
> able to employ the other retroductive motif, viz. transcendental arguments.
> Mathematics, regardless of its sophistication, cannot dialectical deduce
> the (Hegelian) Unhappy Consciousness, Beautiful Sole, or the (Marxian)
> Value form.
> Chaos theory seems to me to be a special case of dialectics, and a
> special one at that.
> Hans Despain

HUh!!!  I do not think you have a good understanding of chaos theory if
you make such a statement yourself.  The whole idea of chaos theory is
that let's say you have an equation that appears to hold true to most tests.
When a variable is changed to a small degree the rest of
the equation is so far off from original estimates that the entire equation
is no longer valid.  Read some of Lorenz's material to understand how
chaos is related to weather and you might understand the meaning of
chaos.  I still do not see how this deals with Marx in the least bit and
your post is very hard to follow and understand.


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