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I once knew Herb Lewin reasonably well.  Between 1963 and 1964, as a member
of the SWP and leader of a small tendency which supported Gerry Healy, I came
in contact with a circle of workers in Philadelphia who were either inactive
party members or former party members.  Herb and family were in the inactive
category.  The group included a garment worker, who had once been married to
a founder of the American CP, her daughter, then in her late 40s, and some
workers from the RCA plant in Camden.

They were very disenchanted with the lack of interest of the party in those
days in the trade union movement.   (I also met similar workers in the New
Haven, Minneapolis, and Boston areas).  I suspect that these people had done
just about all we were able to do as far as revolutionary politics by the
time I met them.  They represented a generation that was pretty well spent.
 Yet I will always remember them because they reflected the kind of party the
SWP was in the 1930s: the kind of human material it had attracted.

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