CPUSA and CP Russia on Yugo

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Sat Sep 16 09:01:00 MDT 1995


>I feel the article is so lacking in marxist analysis as to be
>literally unprincipled. It objectively supports the social
>fascist war of aggression by Greater Serb nationalism, against
>non-Serbs, especially people with Muslim surnames.

I think what you mean Chris is that you disagree with the analysis given. It
says that what we have in the former Yugoslavia is inter-imperialism rivalry
and US vying for domination of the process and US efforts to destabilize any
peace process. Of course this is an abhorrent analysis for someone who sees
a role for imperialist powers in 'straightening out' hot spots in the world
and promoting peace. And I'm sorry Chris but covering your yearning for US
imperialism to 'do something' with a thin veil of anti-imperialist rhetoric
dosen't impress me.

>On the surface it is a bourgeois pacifist line, opposing war
>as such without making a concrete analysis of the war.
>"No more weapons into the region" is  concretely a
>support to the Serb social fascists who inherited the
>impressive military power of the Yugoslav federal army and used
>it to drive non-Serbs from their homes in an effort to partition
>multi-ethnic Bosnia or even disintegrate it to create a
>Greater Serbia stretching to the Adriatic.

Your analysis sees a just war in this situation - We don't. *All* sides are
being manipulated by the various imperialisms thru nationalism and
chauvinism. As to bourgeois pacifist - hogwash. One doesn't have to support
war in all conditions to be a revolutionary Marxist - this seems empty
phrasemongering to me Chris and not at all of the depth you usually show -
but you're angry..... And I would add that this was not written for the
marx-l list of sophisticates in Marxist terminology - it was written for
actual use in mobilizing people in the US to oppose the bombing - to give
people arguments to take into their unions, churches and organizations, not
for the luxuries of *debate* on the internet. Lastly the Croations are
*also* very well armed and have been being armed by the US and others for
some time now - and I think you know this.

I'm happy that you blissfully *know* so much about what is effective among
people in this country. Being here on the ground I'm not so sure you're
right. I don't think many here fall for some of the ideas you fall for. Most
people I talk to do not seem to think that the US is doing this to protect
the muslim peoples in Bosnia. Nor do they think their government is doing
the right things the wrong way. They are much more suspicious of US motives.
And they are very worried that this might get our country involved in a
ground war where their children might be asked to go and die for imperialism
like Desert Storm. They have been burned not only by Vietnam, but by
Somalia, Haiti, Grenada, etc. But of course in your analysis, where the
might of US imperialism and it's global interests can some how be forced by
the people to 'do the right thing' in policing the world. Like this is some
kind of reform that can be fought for. There was *no* (I repeat *no*) mass
outcry by the working class in the US for US intervention in Bosnia on any
basis, so you'll have to accept that US imperialism is acting in it's own

Lastly I think you are letting the prisms of your own bent on this issue
cloud your feeling about civilian deaths. There are civilians being killed
by the bombing including women and children - especially when you start
using cruise missiles.

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