Men who like to hunt giraffes

Tom Condit tomcondit at
Sat Sep 16 16:31:36 MDT 1995

In a story about the boom in PACs (Political Action Committees)
since the Republicans took over the U. S. House of
Representatives in January--29 percent more than in the previous
comparable period--Roll Call describes the Giraffe Hunters of
America PAC.

House Speaker Newt Gingrich said in a lecture to his college
students that men are "biologically driven to hunt giraffes."
Hunting enthusiast Richard Grayson, self-described
conservationist and founder of the PAC, agrees.

Grayson told Roll Call that he intends to use the PAC to lobby
for the importation of giraffes to the United States so that "men
can satisfy their natural biologic instincts without going to

Grayson said his PAC's constituency is "normal American men who
hunt giraffe.  It's hard to hunt in the U.S.  You'd have to go to
the San Diego Zoo if you wanted to shoot a giraffe."

(Leah Garchik, San Francisco _Chronicle_, 14.IX.95)

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