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Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Sun Sep 17 08:05:00 MDT 1995


>The reality is that the US is trying to broker peace
>As marxists we must argue the most telling criticism of the US government
>will be not that it is intervening all over the world, but that the
>intervention should be more impartial, should be by a representative body
>of the people of the world, and in the interests of the people of the
>world, not of capitalism. If we plug away for 50 years on this the big
>powers will eventually have to dance to this tune and we will get further
>reforms that weaken capitalism on the way.


Dear Chris, your fantasy has nothing to do with me or my party but with US
imperialism. What struggle produced this miraculous reform of US imperialism
that now makes it the champion of peace in the Balkans. Is there some secret
and powerful world peace movement that has brought them to their knees.
While we did have big impact on turning them around on Vietnam, even then we
were never powerful enough to make them the agents of peace - wow what a
movement you've dreamed up out of whole cloth. And if no such movement
exists then where in the hell do you get the notion that US imperialism is
now engaged in peace anywhere for any reason. Are you credulous enough to
believe that somehow some genuine interests of *any* working class people in
the Balkans coincide with the interests of US imperialism.

No Chris, you've become a full apologist for US imperialism I'm afraid.
Begging or fantasizing US imperialism into the role of liberator or peace
keeper is not Marxism at all - even the social dems in this country don't go
that far. What scary illusions about the nature of imperialism and class power.

You continue your patronizing tone which while funny at times is damned
insulting in any serious discussion. I'm not here as a member of your
marxism class and will take no assignments from you for your grading. You
present your views and I'll present mine thank you Dr. professor.

It's interesting the issues you avoid in your reply also.

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