Inevitability in Marx

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  I agree that technology is an important aspect
> in Marx's notion emancipation, but I also agree with Derek Sayer's
> argument the productive forces include the materialized value-form of
> social relations.  Whereby, the *productive forces* of capitalism need to be
> overcome.

I agree with this point that Hans is making. Technology is not merely
technical, but also expresses in objectified form the social relations
particular to the mode of production in which these products appear.
People make technology, people can change technology. Under capitalism,
technological change is driven (for the most part) by capitalists' pursuit
of profitability, rather than human needs and wants (and is, consequently,
indifferent to environmental requirements). In a post-capitalist society,
the questions related to technological change would be (hopefully) social
decisions and would (hopefully) take into account the environmental
impact of social decisions.


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