CPUSA and Yugoslavia

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Sun Sep 17 18:27:00 MDT 1995


>Why has the US just brokered peace between Greece and Macedonia?
>If you think I am a full apologist for US imperialism you really
>are skimming posts.  I argued a *more* convincing case for
>how US imperialism should be criticised. Had you not noticed that
>I have never called for the bombing or supported the policy of

This is rapidly becoming pointless. I don't think you've read my posts at
all. You have agrued many times for a peacekeeping role for the US in the
balkans. To give you a dose of your own medicine - I'm glad to hear that you
condemn the bombing and are now organizing and calling for the withdrawal of
NATO from the region. Now we're getting somewhere. Now if you'll just agree
with me that US imperialism is not likely to play any kind of progressive
role with it's military might then we'll be in full agreement.

I suppose the that imperialism has suddenly been reading your posts and
decided to play an enlightened role in brokering peace between Greece and
Macidonia. Of course my left Greek friends who say this is to protect NATO
bases and prestige in the region and to cement the US role as arbieter of
what's acceptable are just abunch of non-analytical marxists too.

>Chris B:
>If you don't like my tone, could you please give a specific example
>next time so I have the opportunity of considering what you mean?

See above.

>But if it is better to be more formal so be it. This is the first
>time a polical party has posted a statement about a current development
>on this list. By saying that the NATO bombing was "nothing more than an
>attempt by U.S. imperialism to assert its dominance over the former
>socialist Yugoslavia" the statement is whitewashing the social fascist
>war of the Greater Serbian nationalists.

Then you tell us what the NATO bombing really is - I supose your more
'profound' analysis is that it is the US forced by the world peace opinion
to play a role in stopping fascist aggression and keeping the peace. Hmmm...
very much like what Colin Powell said today on TV without the forced part.

>You have admitted that the statement
>was not designed for this list. If you want your party's position to
>have more credibility here, you may wish to produce a
>statement that enters into a concrete marxist analysis of this war,
>rather than talking about socialist Yugoslavia, saying it is all a mess,
>and that the US are war mongers. Does the CPUSA have a more suitable
>statement available?

You can equivicate all you want - why don't you give us a more suitable
statement of what you think the "real" role of the US is in the region.
Since you ridicule the notion that their military role is "warmongering"
please tell us in concrete terms how they are playing a positive role? You
have hinted at least on several occasions that the problem is that the US
hasn't gone all out in it's bombing of the Serbian postions. Maybe tactical
nuclear weapons would be a good idea since you ignore the fact that US war
planes have already killed civilians - which you minimize, hey they're
probably 'greater serbian fascists anyway'.

You claim a more Marxist critical angle on US involvement - what is it? That
we should demand that US imperialism quit doing what it's doing for the
"wrong" reasons and now do it for the "right' reason? Your 'marxist ' view
obviously sees a role or is very accomadating to US chauvanism since you see
a 'proper' use for US military and imperial power. We don't. period.

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