Yugo: let cows die

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Mon Sep 18 07:23:49 MDT 1995

The moderator of the zamir.chat conference, a Croat dissenter
temporarily resident in New York has just posted this comment
following another subscriber's remark

Of course the best thing would be if ALL the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina
could somehow start thinking about each other's unhappiness and pain and
forget about some of their crazy leaders.

oh, they do think about each other's unhappiness and pain. They
think about that a lot. Most of their time actually they spend
thinking about that and deriving immense pleasure from their thoughts.
Perhaps, thinking how to increase each other's unhapiness and pain even more.

We have a saying about that: "God permits, let neighbour's cow die."
In other words, it is not as important how bad I am if you are worse.

This very interesting eerie counterproductive twist of human morality
plagues the entire East for some reason that I am still trying to

Chris B:

The English translation sounds a bit funny. Would it be more

	"God permit, let neighbour's cow die"

but this is the clearest example of peasant ideology, is it not?

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