CPUSA and Yugo

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Mon Sep 18 07:26:58 MDT 1995


This is rapidly becoming pointless.

Chris B:

I fear this is the left opportunist line over the last four years:
it is all a mess, the people in fY are all killing each other;
the imperialist powers are just skirmishing for position - keep out.
This line objectively whitewashes the unjust aggressive war of
Greater Serbian nationalism which is a crime against humanity,
comparable to the start of the violent killing of Jews in Europe
in the 1930's and with extremely ominous implications about racism and
fascism in Europe.

Which side are you on is a test of all classes and political forces
including the CPUSA.


I don't think you've read my posts at
all. You have agrued many times for a peacekeeping role for the US in the
balkans. To give you a dose of your own medicine - I'm glad to hear that
you condemn the bombing and are now organizing and calling for the
withdrawal of NATO from the region. Now we're getting somewhere. Now if
you'll just agree with me that US imperialism is not likely to play any
kind of progressive role with it's military might then we'll be in full


Funny, I had the strongest impression you had not been reading *my*

This morning I am pleased that NATO has supended its bombing
of Serbian anti-civilian gun emplacements around Sarajevo in view
of the Bosnian-Croat advance. If the Serb social fascists can be
brought to reason only by military defeat, it is better that that
defeat is inflicted by infantry forces by the people of that region.
Arms should be supplied for their just war of defence against the
unjust war of Greater Serbian aggression, with pressure for
accountability to minimise atrocities on their side.

The fact that the US will continue to attempt a peace brokering role,
(there is a distinction from a peace keeping role, or a peace
enforcing role) is a fact of the power relations in the world today.
The CPUSA can restrict itself to agitational material saying this is
a bad thing, or it can give leadership by saying what the United Nations,
the US and NATO should be doing instead, and thereby expose in a more
reasoned and more convincing way, what the US ruling class is really

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