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Mon Sep 18 06:56:00 MDT 1995

Chris S:
>	Scott asks "who would argue" such a silly notion.  How about Marx
>and Engels?  Marx argues that genuine human history begins when human
>beings become the architects of their own destiny.  And Engels states
>that as people "understand in advance the necessity of changing the
>social system . . . on account of changing conditions [they] will desire
>the change before it forces itself upon them without their being
>conscious of it or desiring it."  The producers will have "a perfect
>understanding" of social forces, under communism, which are "transformed
>from master demons into willing servants."  Social forces will "pass
>under the control of man himself.  Only from that time will man himself,
>with full consciousness, make his own history -- only from that time will
>the social causes set in movement by him have, in the main and in a
>constantly growing measure, the results intended by him."

By what strech do you get this to mean 'human control over *all* aspects of
social forces?' Do you take these quotes to mean that Marx and Engels
seriously thought there were *no* variables that we couldn't predict,
nothing we can't understand about social forces? I think that a misreading
and a misunderstanding of Marxist theory of knowledge. To wit a strawman

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