Urgent! Canadian Authorities Pursue Confrontation With First Nations

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>Canadian Authorities Continue To Pursue The Path Of Confrontation
>With First Nations People

>We received the following message tonight:

>"September 15, 1995

>     On Friday evening (September 15, 1995) an international
>vigil for First Nations people took place in the Peace Arch Park
>at the U.S./Canadian border. The vigil, calling for a peaceful
>resolution to the stand-offs in Gustafson Lake and Ipperwash,
>consisted of prayers, ceremonies and honour songs. Information
>leaflets were also handed out. While this took place, 4 RCMP
>officers conducted surveillance on the vigil participants from
>the roof of a customs building.
>     As members of the Shuswap Nation, organizers and supporters
>of the vigil were leaving the site they were stopped by RCMP
>officers and immigration officials on Highway 99 enroute to
>Vancouver. RCMP officers threatened a number of the passengers in
>the 4 car caravan. Also, in a violation of the Jay Treaty (which
>states that First Nations people can travel freely between the
>so-called U.S./Canadian border), ID was taken from a number of
>First Nations people in the caravan. The RCMP also threatened to
>arrest an outside observer of this incident and charge them with
>"obstruction". Why does the Canadian government and the RCMP
>continue to pursue this path of confrontation at yet another
>prayers vigil?
>     In a separate incident, Bill Simmonds (sp?), a member of
>International Indian Treaty Council (an NGO with observer status
>at the UN) was refused entry into Canada from the U.S. and is
>currently being detained by Canadian immigration authorities at
>Vancouver International Airport.
>     We appeal to progressive people around the world to protest
>against this violation of human rights."

>     The above statement was received by us, Arm The Spirit,
>tonight and as we post this we don't have the appropriate phone
>or fax numbers with the exception of an unconfirmed phone number
>for Canadian Immigration offices at Vancouver International
>Airport: 604 666 1185. You can call the RCMP Public Complaints
>Commission at: 1 800 665 6878.
>     As this situation will be changing quickly we suggest
>contacting the following groups for more information. We will
>post more info as it becomes available.

>International Indian Treaty Council
>Phone: 415 512 1501

>Splitting The Sky
>Phone: 403 865 1784

>Settlers In Support Of Indigenous Sovereignty
>E-mail: uc389 at freenet.victoria.bc.ca

>Also check out this WWW site for background info about the stand-
>offs at Gustafson Lake and Ipperwash:


>And of course, we'll provide any info we can...

>Sovereignty For First Nations!!

>In solidarity,
>               Arm The Spirit

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