Yugo: let cows die

Kevin Geiger geiger at meeker.ucar.edu
Mon Sep 18 09:17:35 MDT 1995

On Mon, 18 Sep 1995, Bryan A. Alexander wrote:

> Well, "God willing, let the neighbor's cow die" (and, i suspect, this
> comes more from a choice: "God, please let the *neighbor's* cow die") is
> (part* of peasant ideology...
> 	What's the German - schadenfreude?

It is a sense of deriving pleasure from someone else's pain or
misfortune.  I think this is an interesting topic but I don't think the
two are the same.  The cow quote seems to be a way for individuals in
society to feel justified for not doing something, ie helping the
neighbor out.  That is, well God mandated this death so it is none of my
business to stop this divine wish.  I don't think schadenfreude has this
same religious background.  It is a hard phrase for translation into English
although the idea may not be that foreign.  ANy other thoughts?


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