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	Also, look at the rate of home ownership among Palestinians.  For
material and cultural reasons it is extremely high.  Now let's hear the
Moron Internationalist Movement tell us how bourgeois the Palestinians

				-- Jeff Booth

On Sat, 16 Sep 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:

> This homeownership thing isn't as straightforward as the MIM would have it.
> The European country with the highest rate of homeownership is Ireland; the
> lowest, Switzerland. The US state with the highest was, last time I
> checked, West Virginia; California and New York were among the lowest. Does
> this tell us anything about the respective politics of the countries?
> MIM seems to be taking a lot of ideology at face value - i.e., the
> embourgeoising nature of homeownership. It what Marxian sense is a "home" a
> capital asset? It throws off no income, and may not even appreciate
> significantly in value. What homeowner could liquidate his or her asset and
> turn it into a real capital asset, one that generates some M'? People
> either live in their owned crib, or if they sell it, immediately sink the
> proceeds into another.
> Doug
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