MRTA in Peru.

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Mon Sep 18 11:58:20 MDT 1995

What are your sources for the information below?


On Mon, 18 Sep 1995, Matt D. wrote:

> My understanding is that they had a rather incongruously bifurcated
> self-identity as sort of a focoist crystallization point for the revolution
> in the countryside, and as armed support for the "popular movements" in the
> cities.  The inadequacy of focoismo has been historically demonstrated
> (sadly, by Che himself) and needs no recounting here.  As for their "armed
> support" role, they made the typical revisionist mistake of believing that
> the "popular movements" could actually acquire state power, for example with
> the inaugartion of the APRA government in the mid-eighties (dates here,
> anyone?).  They declared a "truce" with the government (as if they were
> equals!), which meant that they basically hung around and waited for the
> army and police to get around to completely fucking them up, which of course
> is what happened.

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