MRTA in Peru.

Matt D. afn02065 at
Mon Sep 18 13:28:19 MDT 1995

Louis asked:

>What are your sources for the information below?

. . . This in regards to my MRTA post.

Well, my sources are my own hazy recollections, probably unconsciously
backed up by my personal prejuidices.  I am at work right now, but I'll try
and get some documentation when I get home tonight.

Anyone that would like to contradict or amplify, please do.

(Also, Louis, since I know the spot in your heart reserved for the FMLN and
FSLN is even softer than that in mine -- which really is there! once you
peel away the scar tissue -- please be aware that the negatives I was
directing against the MRTA were _not_ intended as descriptions of the
others.  Not that you didn't know this, but sometimes on the net it's hard
to tell.)

In the meantime, buyer beware!

-- Matt D.

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