MRTA in Peru.

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Mon Sep 18 15:03:42 MDT 1995

What a wonderful, thoughtful reply from a comrade! You know, if I had the
time, I would pursue a project of trying to read everything I could about
the PCP, both pro and con and then file a report to the list. Maybe this
is something you could try, Matt, if school or work don't take up too
much of your time. My mind is by no means made up about PCP, but I would
like to get more information.

Capitalism is a ruthless system which digs up every nook and cranny of
traditional society in order to realize surplus value. It is
unsentimental and has no loyalty except to profit. Marxism as a political
movement should have the same kind of relentlessness, except in the
pursuit of truth rather than profit (by the way, to all the professional
philosophers out there: please don't try to draw me into a discussion
about truth. It's really simple when I refer to the truth, it's just the
opposite of a Reagan press conference. OK?)

On Mon, 18 Sep 1995, Matt D. wrote:

> Louis asked:
> >What are your sources for the information below?
> . . . This in regards to my MRTA post.
> Well, my sources are my own hazy recollections, probably unconsciously
> backed up by my personal prejuidices.  I am at work right now, but I'll try
> and get some documentation when I get home tonight.
> Anyone that would like to contradict or amplify, please do.
> (Also, Louis, since I know the spot in your heart reserved for the FMLN and
> FSLN is even softer than that in mine -- which really is there! once you
> peel away the scar tissue -- please be aware that the negatives I was
> directing against the MRTA were _not_ intended as descriptions of the
> others.  Not that you didn't know this, but sometimes on the net it's hard
> to tell.)
> In the meantime, buyer beware!
> -- Matt D.
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