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Matt D. is essentially correct. MRTA is
the pro-Cuban group that I already described
as the one to openly capitulate to the
regime. In addition to the bourgeois press, MIM spoke
to a Patria Roja member supportive of any
organization on the "left," but the PCP. According
to him, in 1993 the MRTA was through. MIM Notes readers
are informed of this already.

Here is another
reason to subscribe to MIM Notes. MIM Notes uncovered
the basis for false rumors concerning the PCP and gays/lesbians.
It was simple confusion of the MRTA and the PCP.

"In a small investigation conducted since September, 1992, MIM
had found a pattern in false or misleading accusations against the PCP.
A press release from a gay rights activist group in San
Francisco contains the following:

'In 1987, in the jungle town of Pucallpa, the MRTA [
Revolucionario Tupac Amaru, the armed pro-Cuban organization]
executed 7 gay men in one of the streets, as part of their
'cleaning of undesirables' actions. MHOL,
which was formed in 1982, is the only openly gay group in
Peru. The group has been outspoken on gay rights and has
condemned the violence imposed on the population of the country
for more than 12 years by the MRTA and Sendero Luminoso
(Shining Path).

'This is just another reminder that gays, according to these
groups, have no right exist. It is an attempt to
discourage our work and stop our struggle,' says an MHOL

In speaking with the activist, MIM found that the attack
on the PCP was unfounded, as the activist
distributing the press release admitted:

'The press release. . . did not specifically mention
abuses against gays by Sendero Luminoso. It simply
said that MOHL condemned the violence imposed on the
population of the country by the MRTA and
Sendero Luminoso."

We criticized the activist further for this kind of
association of the PCP with supposedly repressing
the rights of gays to exist and the activist agreed
that he would have to look into it and that other views
are valuable.

MIM Notes, March 1993, p. 7.

If you subscribe to MIM Literature, you also find that
MIM has forced the Americas Watch to admit that it was
championing a government official in the Peruvian regime,
which PCP had killed when the Americas Watch had initially
protrayed her simply as one of a handful of women
the PCP killed as part of their "systematic" killing of women.

Since Louis N Proyect upholds Cuba as a model--going
beyond defending as a a nation oppressed by imperialism
as all internationalists must--he should look into this and come
back with a report, especially since he has yet to admit that
he was wrong about IU and wrong to suggest that there
was choice other than between the PCP and the regime.

Jamal Hannah should also tell us how a group whose last
actions were to make threatening phone calls to gays--how
such an organization is really an alternative to the PCP?
This is where idealism leads-- first to criticizing
practice with ideals and then when cornered for
idealism to turn to anything but the PCP.

Pat for MIM

On Mon, 18 Sep 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> What are your sources for the information below?
> Louis
> On Mon, 18 Sep 1995, Matt D. wrote:
> > My understanding is that they had a rather incongruously bifurcated
> > self-identity as sort of a focoist crystallization point for the revolution
> > in the countryside, and as armed support for the "popular movements" in the
> > cities.  The inadequacy of focoismo has been historically demonstrated
> > (sadly, by Che himself) and needs no recounting here.  As for their "armed
> > support" role, they made the typical revisionist mistake of believing that
> > the "popular movements" could actually acquire state power, for example with
> > the inaugartion of the APRA government in the mid-eighties (dates here,
> > anyone?).  They declared a "truce" with the government (as if they were
> > equals!), which meant that they basically hung around and waited for the
> > army and police to get around to completely fucking them up, which of course
> > is what happened.
> >
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