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ObMarx: In their 1872 pamphlet, _Ficticous Splits in the [First]
        International_, Marx and Engels wrote:

        "The first phase of the proletariat's struggle against the
        bourgeoisie is marked by a sectarian movement. That is logical at
        a time when the proletariat has not yet developed sufficiently to
        act as a class. Certain thinkers criticise social antagonisms and
        suggest fantastic solutions thereof, which the mass of workers is
        left to accept, preach and put into practice. The sects formed by
        these initiators are abstentionist by their very nature -- i.e.,
        alien to all real action, politics, strikes, coalitions, or, in a
        word, to any united movement. The mass of the proletariat always
        remains indifferent or even hostile to their propaganda. The Paris
        and Lyons workers did not want the Saint Simonians, the
        Fourierists, the Icarians, any more than the Chartists and the
        English trades unionists wanted the Owenists. These sects act as
        levers of the movement in the beginning, but become an obstruction
        as soon as the movement outgrows them; after which they become

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