"chaos" theory

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Mon Sep 18 16:03:44 MDT 1995

Many good points, Jamal, but not related to the "chaos" that Steve
Keen, Chris Burford and I have talked about from time to time.  We've
got to come up with a clearer definition or notation or something to
distinguish these things from each other.

The universe and human life has no trandscendental meaning or purpose
except for what people may invent, and there is no god to invent
morality, but to me that seems irrelevant to the observation and
study of dis/order [among other things] in the universe, with
mathematical modelling methods when analytically appropriate.

Lisa Rogers

>>> Jamal Hannah <jamal at bronze.lcs.mit.edu>  9/16/95, 01:13am >>>

I think Chaos Theory (not mathematical, but rather a social
interpretation) [snip] a Chaos theory of reality goes something like
  The universe is a chaotic morass of interactions, and end-results
  are determined by each reaction.  The "reality" that is accepted by
  the observer is actually the end-result of the chaotic processes
  and interactions that preceded it. (And which will continue)
[snip] Nietzchien existentialism:
  "Since the universe is chaos, with no meaning or order.. then
   nothing matters.  Morality is pointless and killing a child
   is no different from eating an apple."

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