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Just got around to taking off your message.  I am not with that group,
but I'll give you their address.
They are not on this list, I'm quite sure.
_Communist Voice_, P.O. Box 13261, Harper Station, Detroit, MI 48213.

Until the beginning of this year we in Chicago, (Chicago Workers' Voice)
were working in loose alliance with this group.  We all came out of the
breakup of the Marxist-Leninist Party, USA.  Now the Detroit group has
decided that we in CWV are scum.  We are not interested in joining a
national organization with them for a lot of reasons.  You will find their
journal filled with polemics explaining in exhaustive detail why they
think we are scum.

I would recommend that you also read our journal which we have called
simply _THe Chicago Workers' Voice Theoretical Journal_.  The latest issue,
no. 7, contains several articles on Mexico as well as some explanation
of our differences with our former comrades in Detroit.  I'm willing to
send a sample copy if you are interested.  Email me at the address above.
Just be aware that it sometimes takes me a couple of weeks to look
through my email.

On Tue, 5 Sep 1995 mauro.jr at wrote:

> I red (on the indian Proletarian Emancipation of RPP) only one article
> <Where we stand> by the Detroit Marxist Study Group. Is on the list
> anybody who is of them or can anyway give me the address of that group,
> which now is publishing Communist Voice?
> If so, please contact me.
> Mauro. jr
> Bipr
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